Connecting to your web connect via FTP will be quick and easy. You will be able to upload and download files & directories with only a couple of mouse clicks. Aside from managing the whole content, you can also offer other people access to a particular section of your account without providing them with access to your hosting Control Panel where they can view private e-mails or other sensitive details they’re not supposed to. You can do this by creating a different FTP account that they can make use of to connect only to one folder in the web hosting account. This option is exceptionally useful in case you use different web developers or if you rely on an application like Dreamweaver or FrontPage to manage multiple Internet sites simultaneously, since you can create a separate FTP account for each website or each person. In such a case, it is vital to be able to administer your FTP accounts without hassles.
FTP Manager in Cloud Website Hosting
Our custom-developed Hepsia Control Panel, which is offered with each and every cloud website hosting package, will give you access to various controls to administer your FTP accounts effortlessly from the FTP Manager section. When you would like to create a brand-new account, to update the password associated with an existing one or delete it entirely, it will not take more than a click. As opposed to other Control Panels where you have to set up a brand new FTP account if you want to get access to a different folder, our FTP Manager will allow you to edit the access path associated with an active account quite easily and you’ll be able to see the paths for all the accounts the moment you access the FTP Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel. For convenience’s sake, you can set up an FTP account on your personal computer by downloading and running an auto-configuration file for several FTP clients – Core FTP, CyberDuck, FileZilla. You can also sort all the accounts in descending or ascending order based on their usernames or access paths and locate the one that you need faster and easier.