App installation has never been simpler

Our App Installer permits you to install an online journal, a community–focused site or an online image gallery in less than three minutes. Right after that, it’ll be ready to use – no additional setup is needed.

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Available Apps

Open Real Estate

Very easy App Installs

PNG Web Hosting’s App Installer is here to make the long application installation process easy and quick for you. It can help you install an app online in less than five minutes, with zero setup needed on your end. All you have to do is specify your desired user name and pass. That’s all.

We keep all the web apps in our App Installer updated to the most recent stable versions available, so you will not need to waste your time looking for them on their official websites. Moreover, we test each web app to make certain that it is one hundred percent compatible with our hosting servers. Newer versions are also tested to make certain that everything works seamlessly all the time.

Last, but doubtlessly not least, we have a rich collection of zero cost design templates designed for some of the most famous applications. You can choose a theme when you install the application. Thus, when your site goes online, instead of the default generic layout, it’ll have a custom design.

Over 40 Software Programs Are Accessible

We are keeping track of the present–day web trends and of which applications are popular today. We prudently select the ones that are of real benefit and that are likely to remain in use for at least a couple of years. That is the reason why, PNG Web Hosting’s collection of 40+ apps covers only applications that people have been using and are still using.

We offer famous apps such as Joomla and Wordpress and some extremely useful apps like Piwigo – a simple–to–use online photo gallery app; Open Real Estate® – an app that will allow you to set up and administer a real estate site without difficulty; OpenCart and PrestaShop – very famous and useful shopping cart applications, which will heighten your Internet shop’s popularity, etc.

PHP 1 Click Framework Installer

The 1 Click Framework Installer is designed for developers and offers a simple–to–use interface, which is similar to that of the App Installer. The installation procedure is quite easy – you can have your PHP framework configured and ready for use with merely a few clicks.

Now, PNG Web Hosting’s Framework Installer supports the following PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, and YII.

Zero Cost Design Templates

With PNG Web Hosting’s App Installer, you’ll also get over one hundred zero cost design templates for Moodle, Mambo, Joomla, WordPress and 4images. Simply select a theme for your application during the installation procedure and your site will be put online with a custom design instead of the app’s default website theme.

All our free–of–cost themes are totally customizable. You’ll be able to customize them any way you want as soon as you have them installed on your web site.